A residential garage door is usually manual or powered. A manual door is lifted by the person opening it, while a powered door operates using a motor and a remote-controlled by the user. Each type relies on tracks and wheels to slide the garage door open and closed. When the tracks malfunction, you will have issues with the door. It can be pretty frustrating not being able to get in or out of your garage. Luckily, the issues can be easy to detect using basic troubleshooting.

Follow this guide to determine what is malfunctioning on your garage door.

Blocked Tracks

One of the most common problems with garage doors is a blockage in the tracks. Even the smallest blockage can stop a door from rolling. Using a ladder, carefully check each track and see if you can spot anything blocking the tracks. It could be a small animal, a nest, or even small debris that's built up over time. Remove anything you find in the tracks and try rolling the doors again.

Sticking Wheels

In order for the doors to open and close, there is a set of small wheels on each side that runs through the tracks. Over time, the tracks or the wheels may become sticky and refuse to roll smoothly. Cleaning the tracks and the wheels with a pressure hose could clean it off enough that they work properly again. You can also lightly grease the wheels so they will roll better.

Bent Tracks

The tracks are usually metal, but they can sustain damage if something hits them with enough force. The tracks will become bent and the wheels will not be able to go passed the bent spot. You will need to have the track straightened out or replaced in order for the door to work again.

Loose Tracks

Tracks can also become loose over time. This typically happens due to age or from excess force pulling on the tracks. You should never use your full weight to pull the door into the closed position because it can weaken the tracks. If your tracks are loose, you can tighten them up so they are once again as secure as they should be.


Sometimes the issues will be more complex and you won't be able to troubleshoot it. In this instance, you should contact services like Columbus Door Sales. They can detect the issue and repair it or recommend a replacement if necessary.