If you are a perfectionist when it comes to your home, you may have noticed something unusual with your garage door. There are three peculiar mechanical problems that occur with garage doors, and typically, they are not too much of a problem for most people. However, they may really bug others. Here are those peculiar problems and how to fix them.

The Garage Door Bounces Slightly When It Hits the Floor

Watching the garage door close, you spot it bounce a little as it hits the garage floor. This is rather normal, but it can signal the potential for door jamming damage much later on and years down the road. If you want to fix that right now, use insulated rubber leather stripping. Add it all along the bottom edge of the door. Not only will it cushion the door's landing, but it will also stop that extra little bounce at the bottom. Because it is insulated weather stripping, you have the added benefits of sealing your garage from extra moisture and cold drafts that would normally come under the door.

The Door's Casters Bang and Clang

Garage doors operate by tracks and casters. The sides of each garage door have casters, which roll in the tracks as you roll the door up and down. If the casters bang and clang or just seem a tad too noisy for your liking, you can purchase rubber covers for the casters. With the door all the way up in open mode, you will be able to climb a ladder and stretch the rubber covers over the edges of the casters. Now the door will open and close much more softly and quietly.

The Chain on the Opener Jerks a Lot

When the chain on the garage door opener jerks a lot, it could mean that the chain is either a little slack or that it needs to be oiled. Oil it first and then run the door opener through a few cycles of open and shut. If the chain still jerks, try removing a single link in the chain and tightening it up. Then run the door again. The jerking motion should have stopped. If it there is no jerking motion, great, this particular problem is solved. If the jerking continues, call out a pro from a reputable company like Wise Garage Doors for garage door services. He/she should be able to fix it.