The modern industrial look is not just for loft apartments, but can be the central design theme for your busy restaurant and bar. Born out of necessity when converting old factories, warehouses and barns into living space, the industrial look is easy to implement into an existing space to make it feel more modern. Here are some ways you can add a more industrial feel to your restaurant without investing in a complete demolition.

Open Up The Walls

A hallmark of the industrial look uses exposed bricks, steel, concrete, and wood inside a structure, so consider opening up one or two exterior walls and installing some garage doors. During the summer months and good weather, you can open up the garage doors to let in air and light, and allow patrons to access your outdoor patio seating. This open feel makes it easier for servers to move between the patio and indoor seating. In the winter or times of inclement weather, simply roll the garage doors shut, where the metal or wood construction enhances the industrial feel inside. Two major materials used in creating an industrial feel are metal and wood, so why not let the garage door structures themselves act like industrial walls while they are shut?

Enhance The Walls And Ceiling

If your ceiling in your restaurant is high enough, install false steel beams to mimic the look of an exposed structure.  If the ceiling is lower, check into tearing it out and uncovering the ductwork and concrete already there. On your existing interior walls, think about adding or enhancing them with industrial design elements. You can cover a portion of one wall with bricks to replicate the presence of a support column. Otherwise, you can dress up bare walls with industrial artwork. This can be something as simple as metal-framed prints, or as complicated as wall hangings consisting of wood, gears, rusty metal, or other interesting industrial items.

Get Down To The Bottom

Now take a look at your restaurant's floor. If it's already covered with carpet or tile, chances are that concrete is right underneath. The most common material for industrial floor consists of polished concrete. Fortunately, it can be as rough as you want, so don't worry about existing scratches, divots, and other imperfections. If you don't like concrete, other industrial options include stone or timber flooring. These add a little bit of warmth and depth to an otherwise cool, minimalist feel.

By implementing garage doors, exposed brick and steel, polished concrete and the right artwork, your restaurant can have that modern industrial feel. For more information, visit a company like Durbin Garage Doors LLC.