When designing the perfect garage for your home, it is important to choose the right kind of material for your garage door. Not only will the right material offer curbside appeal and possibly increase the market value of your home, but certain materials insulate better than others, making them optimal for harsh weather conditions. Keep reading to learn more about four commonly used garage door materials so that you can decide which one is right for you.


Not only is wood an excellent insulator, but it can also become a very attractive addition to your home. When choosing which type of wood you want to use, it is important to evaluate your budget. Stain-grade wood can be expensive but is the best option if you are looking to improve your house's outside appearance. If you are looking for something easier on your wallet, then painted wood may be the way to go. Wood requires regular maintenance, so make sure you are realistic about the amount of effort you are willing to put into its upkeep.


Steel wins the popularity vote when it comes to garage doors because it is an affordable material and easy to take care of. However, if you live in a climate with extreme hot or cold temperatures, it is important to insulate your steel garage door, since steel is not a great insulator. It is also important to note that steel comes in different levels of thickness. At its weakest level, steel garage doors can be dented quite easily, so it is advisable to choose mid-level or high-quality steel. One of the biggest advantages of steel is that it can take on a variety of different forms and can even appear to look like wood.


While very similar to steel, aluminum is sometimes used because it is cheaper and less heavy. Despite these advantages, aluminum dents easily, which can result in costly repairs. Choose a more sturdy medium if you have children or want something that is not going to have to be replaced for a long time.


If you live by the ocean, fiberglass can be a great material because it provides protection against saltwater erosion, is not dented easily, and can be painted to suit the aesthetic you are going for. However, fiberglass tends to be unpopular in other regions because it does not insulate well, and certain weather climates can cause it to look worn.

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