Wooden garage doors can pick up dents and bruises over the years. The paint or stain finish can also fade and wear off over the years. This can result in wood damage that is costly and time consuming to fix. There is also a chance that you can run into your garage with your car, damaging one or more panels. In many cases, it is easier to just completely replace the entire panel than it is to try and fix the wood. Ordering and installing new panels is a simple project that can be done with some basic tools.

Ordering Replacement Panels

The first step is to determine whether or not you can find a manufacturer that still produces and can ship you exact panel. The most popular residential garage door makers have a few basic styles that they always have in stock, in every color and finish. They will also ship the replacement panels directly to your home, so you don't need to worry about the logistics. If your garage door manufacturer is no longer in business, or if you have custom panels, you will need to contact a garage door specialist. For an added cost, a specialist can usually make custom panels to match. You also need to make sure the frame that holds your panels is not too damaged. Most frames are aluminum and they will only get damaged if you hit your garage with your car. Looks for severe kinks or rust on the frame that could be vulnerable.

Installing the New Panels

Don't remove your damaged panels until your replacements arrive and you have checked to make sure they are the right size and color. Most panels are held in their frames with a few small bolts. Once these bolts are removed, your panel can be popped out quite easily. This is usually a two man job (definitely so if you have a two car garage). One person will need to be inside the garage, pushing the panel out, as the other hold is and carries it away once it is loosed.

Your new panels should come with new bolts. Don't use the old bolts because they could be stripped. Pop the panel into the frame and make sure it fits snug. Have the worker on the outside hold the panel into place as the new bolts are attached.

It is easy to change your garage panels, especially if you keep the same frame and motor.