Although the functionality of a security gate will provide the basic safety needs of virtually any business, it's important to be aware that optional gate features can often make it easier to track the comings and goings of specific persons and may even make the area safer in some instances. For instance, by assigning different types of employees the same code, you can check at any time on the arrival or departure habits of staff members. Therefore, when your parking garage needs a new or updated security gate and you want to get the full benefit at all times from that unit, it is a good idea to be aware of the information listed below.

Providing Different Codes In Addition To Or In Lieu Of Standard Swipe Cards For Entry 

Although the use of an entry card that doubles as a photo identification for each staff member is standard in many parking garages, you only need to walk through the parking lot of nearby stores and restaurants and stores after a shift change to see how many swipe cards and work ID cards are hanging from a rear view mirror.  That obvious risk can be minimized by removing the ability to simply swipe a card to gain entrance and add the use of a personalized entry code.   

Alternatively, you may find that you prefer to do away with any swiping of cards and exclusively use those personal codes, as they have been known to increase the accountability of staff members for some businesses. You can also combine it with the security camera for increased security to the parking garage, as seen below. 

The Security Camera

If you have staff members whose job it is to assess the entry of guests or vendors to the property, you are likely to find that the use of a camera makes it easier for them to do their jobs. For instance, anyone can watch the property for a few days and determine when a specific vendor arrives each week or month, The same can also be true of guests who are permitted to meet with staff members for business or professional reasons.

The use of a camera simply makes it possible to verify that each person who is arriving is who they claim to be. In addition, should the need arise, those detailed and date-specific images can often be used in court.

In conclusion, a standard safety gate is frequently sufficient for the basic needs of many parking garages. However, you can often make your facility even more secure by adding one or both of the optional features discussed above.