If your garage door jumps off track, do not continue to operate it automatically. A garage door that has jumped off-track can pose a safety hazard as well as making your home insecure. 

This usually signifies a problem with the rollers and tracks. The rollers are the mechanism that move the door on the track,. .

It should be a simple fix. Here are tips to fix a garage door that has jumped off-track.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • wrench or ratchet handle and socket
  • locking pliers
  • household cleaner
  • cloths
  • rubber mallet
  • lubricant

Detach the door from the opener by pulling  the rope in the middle of the track. Partially lift the door until the rollers align with the problem rollers. Insert locking pliers sunder the track to keep the door in place.

Adjust the Rollers

Find the area where the rollers jumped the track. Manually raise the door, and press the roller against the track. Use the mallet to gently tap it back in position. Remove the pliers, reconnect the door to the opener, then try the door again.

If tapping the rollers didn't work, proceed to loosen the roller mounting plate. Disconnect the door from the opener. Line the roller angle with the plate. Set the roller back in position on the track, then tighten hardware.

Add lubricant to the rollers. Attempt to open and close the door manually to test. If the rollers are damaged, replace them.

Adjust and Clean  the Track

The brackets that hold the track in place often come loose or get out of alignment. The tracks should be in alignment with the rollers. Horizontal tracks commonly are angled slightly to the back. 

Test evenness with a level. If they are out of alignment, gently tap on the brackets using the mallet until they are even..

Hammer the track back in place, and pound out small dents, which could also prevent proper operation. Replace tracks that have large dents.

Clean the tracks with a cloth and household cleaner. Check for loose bolts, and tighten them with the wrench or ratchet handle and socket. In some cases, the bolts may be too tight. Do not tighten or loosen the bottom bracket, as the spring it connects to can cause injury. 

Inspect all bolts to ensure they are secure. Reattach the garage door to the opener. 

Keep the door lubricated to prevent it going off track. If you don't trust your skill, the bottom bracket needs adjusting, or the door still isn't working properly, contact  a garage door repair service or visit a site like http://garagedoorsofnaples.com/